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Nationwide Truss Sales

Building Trusses

When you have a building that needs to be put up quickly, you need someone who can provide you with the appropriate structural support in a timely fashion.

Many truss builders operate as single-location businesses which gives them a limited availability in building your trusses. At Custom Building Concepts, Inc., we are a nationwide company that has numerous locations, which all work together to satisfy your building needs.

Our Network

We can provide trusses for all sorts of construction, including the following:

bullet Residential
bullet Multifamily
bullet Commercial
bullet Agriculture

Our company’s resources allow us to provide trusses more quickly than other companies. We can also provide heavy timber trusses. Give us a call today!

Where Trusses Are Used

If you need to provide support for a wood roof or floor system, we can make sure that you get the right product at the right time, guaranteed to meet or exceed all code requirements.

Other Products

We also offer laminated beams, construction hardware, and heavy timber trusses for all of your building needs.

At Custom Building Concepts, Inc., we want to make sure that you can meet your deadlines, so we take out all of the worry when it comes to supplying the things that your customer may never see but that are essential to your building process.

Our trusses are here to support your business.